It's been a while, and we told you that we weren't going to completely disappear... So here we go for some fresh new content and some shop talk about ...View Details

We've been fumbling our way through the podcast world since 2017 when my Dad and I launched this show together. There have been many laughs, memories ...View Details

What's on your workbench this week?  We go over what's on our workbenches this week and chat about the current group build!  If you missed this week's...View Details

Jeff Grove was this week's guest and we covered what's new in his Carolina Craftsman Kit world as well as what he's up to in his "retired" life now. W...View Details

We packed this week's episode full of techniques straight from Doug Foscale! So get your pen and notepad ready because this week's show is jammed with...View Details

This week it's just us two chatting, ranting, and listing off the builds we've been working on and what's been keeping us out of (and in some) trouble...View Details

This week Jason Jensen and James A. Powell join us for our longest episode ever recorded as we chat about what we're all up to and some new developmen...View Details

This was a fantastic episode this week as we talked to long time listener and D.A.R.E. Model Railroading Club organizer Dave Stanton about everything ...View Details

What's up, everybody? We're back after an unexpected week off due to some unforeseen circumstances... And we're happy to be back in front of our micro...View Details

First of all, we need to tip our hats in the model building and model railroading podcast world to this week's guest... Scott Mason and his podcasts a...View Details

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