This week we had Jeff Adam of on the show and we took a deep dive into the work behind Motrak Models as well and talked about his ...View Details

Brett sang us a little song on the catwalk this week... And he continues to prove that he has no shame by embarrassing himself again in front of all o...View Details

This week we had Jimmy Simmons from Monster Model Works on the show and we're all excited to see the new things he's been coming back out with recentl...View Details

  What's up everybody?!?!   We've got a bunch going on this weekend, so make sure to keep checking in on our Facebook Page and if you're interested in...View Details

On episode 131 Todd & Brett talk about some weathering techniques for a stone wall that Brett made from Sterling Models (Brett is working on a You...View Details

This week we talk about making and weathering nice and unique roofs for our structures as well as go over some patron questions and talk about how awe...View Details

Welcome back for episode #129 of the Bench Time Podcast!

This week we cover a new Patron Exclusive benefits that I'm starting for ALL of our show p...View Details

We hope you had another great week!

This Friday my dad and I go through updates on our builds and give everyone some tips & tricks with what we...View Details

We should've had Matt on a long time ago! Matt Hankins is a great modeler out of the Baltimore area and he has some amazing work to share with our fa...View Details

The Bullhorn announcement of the new Rail Scale Models kit: Colonial Furniture and Case Goods Some of the brands we mentioned this week that are relea...View Details

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